Troyer Horizontal Gourds
These are the best gourds on the market for raising baby purple martins.  They
have 80 square inches of floor space which allows the adult martins to lay the
maximum number of eggs (6-8 eggs instead of 2-3 in the 6" x 6"  36 square inch
compartments on condo-style martin houses).  They also have a built-in
sparrow trap system; thus, making it very simple to rid your gourds of invasive
English House Sparrows.  The new "flattened" entry makes it almost impossible
for European Starlings to enter the gourds (they will wreak havoc on your
martin colony if they get into the nesting compartments).  The longer
compartments make it impossible for owls to rob the nest.  Gourds are made of
polyethylene with ultra-violate inhibitors to keep them usable for decades.  
Pre-nest the compartments with pine straw at the beginning of the season.
These gourds will be shipped directly to you from our Troyer Warehouse via
UPS Ground and not go through any middle-man brokers or retailers so you
get the best pricing available online (
These are much cheaper when ordered in larger quantities!!!
Conley II Starling Entry
Sparrow Trap - Tripped Position
Single Pak   $33.00
Twin Pak      $55.00
Four Pak     $105.00
Six Pak        $150.00
Twelve Pak  $265.00
Sparrow Trap in
"tripped" position
Sparrow Trap - Set Position
Sparrow Trap in
"set" position
Sparrow Trap   $10.00
Make sure your gourds are
pre-nested and ready for the
scouts at the beginning of the
season.  These large gourds
allow more babies to fledge
every year and build the purple
martin population back up.
Troyer Horizontal Gourd
Extra-long to keep
owls from reaching in
Front Entry w/ Starling Resistant Doorway
Conley II
Entry Door
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