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Building For The Future
Purple Martin Propagators is asking for
your support of two great programs:
This fund provides Purple Martin Housing Systems for
installation on school grounds.  Students are taught how to
maintain and document the life-cycles of the colony and
hopefully develop an appreciation of our native birds.

Please make "Program 1" DONATIONS out to:
PMP School Fund  or DONATE ON-LINE by
selecting the "DONATE" button
This program will probably take many years to develop, but we have to start
somewhere. We are hoping that someone or some organization will donate the
necessary money to acquire the land. First, we'll install several gourd-rack
housing systems and begin colonizing the purple martins. We will then build a
picnic area with a large pond and a building for educating school students on
field trips to the center. We'll also build nature trails with nest boxes for several
different bird species & bats to use. Lastly will be a Central Texas Birding &
Nature Museum displaying all of our native Texas Birds in their natural habitat.

Please support "Program 2" with DONATIONS made out to:
Purple Martin Nature Center or donate on-line
by selecting the "DONATE" button

Any amount you can contribute to either of
these Programs is greatly appreciated.
We accept trust, stock, check, cash, wills,
estate, probate, dividend, death benefit, life
insurance, bonds, property, etc.

ail to:
Purple Martin Propagators
1749 Dapplegrey Ln
Austin, TX 78727-4586

Thank you for your support !!!
Program 1 - School Yard Installations
Program 2 - Central Texas Nature Center