Purple Martin Propagators TM
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Purple Martins - 5 days old
Purple Martin Eggs
Purple Martins - 12 days old
Purple Martins hanging out
Purple Martins at Cartwright's BBQ in Bastrop, TX
Opel Devine's Purple Martin House
Opel Devine's Purple Martin Installation
Purple Martin Roost in Austin, TX
Purple Martins on house
Purple Martins on PolyGourd System
Purple Martins - 2 days old
Purple Martins resting
Female Purple Martin
Purple Martin PolyGourd Housing System
Pre-Migratory Roost at Highland Mall in Austin, TX
Purple Martins gather at night before leaving the US and heading to
Brazil for the winter. There are over 500 martins in this photo, with
all the trees at the mall containing more than 120,000 purple
martins.  Roosting begins in the first week of July and continues
through early August. The birds start showing up every evening
about 30 minutes before sunset and stay on the trees most of the
Business Installations
Businesses & Our Cooperative Advertising Campaign
Many businesses are now using our purple martin housing systems to
help control flying insects that are biting and stinging their customers.
These businesses allow us to place our "Installation by" sign at the base
of the purple martin housing system and provide customers with our
company fliers. This is a good way for businesses to show the public that
they do care about nature and not just the bottom line. If you would like to
participate in this program, please
Contact Us for more information.
Hill-Bert's Hamburgers
Now with (3) locations in Austin

7211 Burnett Road
(512) 452-2317

1503 W. 35th Street
(512) 452-EATS(3287)

5340 Cameron Road
(512) 371-3717
Taco Shack in Austin, TX
Hill-Bert's Hamburgers in Austin, TX

The Freehouse
700 W. 6th Street in Downtown Austin, TX (512) 477-3308

Penn Field
3601 S. Congress Ave Ste K in South Austin, TX  (512) 707-0237

12709 Mopac & Parmer Lane in North Austin, TX  (512) 733-5353
Stink Bug
Grass Hopper & Wasp
Purple Martin Bird Houses are the best for
Controlling West Nile Virus and Zika Virus