The All-Electronic Digital Bird Caller that replaces the Dawn Song CD's.  TOTALLY AUTOMATIC (no
moving parts like CD players to ever wear out AND never becomes obsolete after colonizing your
purple martin house because of the Song Bird switch that plays other birds).

I've had many installations where, when I turned on the SONGBIRD MAGNET at a newly-erected
purple martin housing system, the purple martins IMMEDIATELY flew in and started checking out
the compartments. This device is a "
MUST HAVE" for every purple martin landlord.

Compact, easy-to-use dual-function electronic unit. Designed to attract purple martins to your
martin housing system or use the unit to bring in beautiful songbirds to your yard and bird feeders.

Attract Purple Martins: Entices useful and widely-loved Purple Martins. A purple martin can
consume up to 2000 flying insects every day. These desirable birds nest together and will return to
the same housing system year after year. The SONGBIRD MAGNET plays the dawn song heard in
every purple martin colony, inviting passing martins to live in your purple martin colony.

Attract Favorite Songbirds: Calls beautiful and melodious House Finches, Baltimore Orioles,
American Gold Finches, House Wrens, Indigo Buntings and Eastern Bluebirds. The SONGBIRD
MAGNET reproduces the charming songs of these choosy species, assuring them that others of
their kind are thriving. The familiar calls encourage song birds to visit your feeding stations and/or
nest boxes. They will soon become delightful regular visitors to your yard.

Features of Caller: The SONGBIRD MAGNET was designed in consultation with ornithologists and
biologists for maximum realism. Naturally recorded with the latest digital equipment, the output
represents multiple individuals, with each song set to play at naturally occurring intervals.

Digital recording.

Choose either Purple Martins OR Songbirds (does not play both at the same time).

Photocell automatically turns unit on/off at sunrise/sunset if selected.

You can override the photocell light sensor with a timer for either call series in continuous or
photocell mode.

Adjustable volume control (call birds from next door or much farther away).

Purple Martins automatically chatter from sun up to sun down every day.

Songbirds automatically sing intermittently every day from dawn to dusk.

Material: dark green color, heavy duty plastic.

Weatherproof design (but keep adapter and electrical outlet protected from moisture). A 50 foot
cord extends out from the adapter to where the unit is mounted.

Key hole slots on the back of unit to mount to any building, wall, fence, post or wooden
structure using nails or the supplied wood screws.

Power: 120 VAC adapter plugs into outlet and reduces voltage down to a safe 12 VDC.

Contents: SONGBIRD MAGNET, UL approved plug adapter with 50 foot cord, Instructions.

Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.

Size: 6.5" x 5" x 3.5".

6 month limited manufacturer's warranty (but we will warrant defective units for up to a year).
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SBM attracting birds
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