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Troyer Vertical Gourd Product Information
Young Purple Martins
Each PolyGourd is made of #2 Food-Grade Polyethylene (the same
material your plastic milk bottles are made of).  The walls are 3/16" thick
which gives them a very high insulating value against the sun's heat

(unlike the widely used aluminum houses that radiate the sun's heat
directly into the nesting compartments and cause high mortality rates to
eggs and baby birds)
.  The Tunnel Gourd is 10" long X 8" wide which
allows more room for the young birds to grow without being stacked on
top of each other.  In addition, there is a 4" tunnel attached to the front of
the gourd that places the nesting compartment further from the entrance
to keep predators from dragging birds out of the gourds.  Also, because of
the larger size, mature mating pairs lay an average of 7-8 eggs per nest
instead of the usual 3-4 eggs in the standard 6" x 6" square condo
compartments found on traditional multi-compartmented purple martin
houses (we've even seen some gourds with as many as 11 eggs).  There
are vent holes on the bottom that allow air to flow up through the nesting
material to keep the insides of our gourds cool and dry.  In the southern
states, you can drill out the vent holes at the top to keep the insides even
cooler on those very hot summer days.  The screw-off lid allows for easy
clean-out and periodic routine inspections of the nesting compartment.  
Finally, Troyer Tunnel Gourds are set up with a built-in Sparrow Trap.
Purple Martin Propagators sells the Vertical Troyer Gourd in case lot sizes
of 12-gourds-per-case. Our case price is
$240 (that's just $20 each).  This
price INCLUDES shipping and handling.
The gourds ship directly from our
 manufacturing facility to you and by-pass the middle-man.
Purple Martin Propagators only sells SREH (Starling Resistant Entry Hole)
instead of round-hole PolyGourds because the starling population here in
the US has grown to such large numbers that now there isn't anywhere in
the purple martin breeding range where they don't attack and kill adult as
well as young purple martins in their nests.  We want to ensure the
housing systems we sell are the safest out there for the purple martins.
Vertical Gourds
FOR ONLY $240!!!
Troyer Vertical Gourds - Only $20 Each
Solution Graphics
Bottom Vent Holes
Top Vent Holes
Side View
View showing all parts: Tunnel with porch, Screw-off lid & top Vent Holes.
Bottom and Side View of Vent Holes used to keep the Tunnel Gourds
cooler in southern states where heat causes high mortality rates.
Sparrow Trap
Left: Front porch showing the trip-wire hole for Sparrow Trap.
Right: Sparrow Trap in "Tripped" position.

When a sparrow starts to build a nest in your Tunnel Gourd,
simply bring the housing system down, set the trap, raise the
housing system back up, and, within a few minutes the sparrow
will go back into the compartment and trip the trap. You can now
rid yourself of this invasive bird, clean out their nest and open it
back up for the purple martins to build and raise their young in.
Purple Martin Bird Houses are the best for
Controlling West Nile Virus and Zika Virus